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Skincare Basics: Why You Need to Cleanse Your Skin

Makeup is great, but every once in a while it’s nice to slap on some moisturiser and go makeup free. However, just because you’re ditching the makeup doesn’t mean you can ditch your skincare routine too…

Skincare Basics: Why You Need to Cleanse Your Skin

Removing makeup is a super important step in skincare, but that doesn’t mean if you haven’t been wearing makeup you can skip cleansing altogether. Over the day skin comes into contact with many nasty things so it super important to cleanse the skin even if you aren’t wearing makeup…

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Top Facial Oils

Facial oils are often scary things, we’re always told that oil is bad whether it is in our food or on our skin but face oils do way more good than harm and even if you have the oiliest skin in the world chances are your skin can still benefit from one.

*Sukin Facial Treatment Oil (Normal, Combination and Oily)

Sukin is a brand I love and trust and this facial oil is no exception. If you are after an oil that is lightweight, non greasy and will balance out your skin this one is for you. It’s not as hydrating as I like for my super dry skin, but normal, combination and even oily skinned gals may like this one.

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Skincare Basics: Why you need to Remove your Makeup

Playing with makeup is great fun, there’s nothing like having a buffet full of eyeshadows, lipsticks, blushes and eyeliners that you can get creative with, but it’s important you also remember the more serious stuff like removing it all at the end of the day.

Why do you need to Remove your Makeup

Whether you choose to breakup your makeup with a cleansing oil or start the first step in your cleansing routine with a makeup wipe is up to you, but one things for sure: removing your makeup is an essential step that shouldn’t be ditched. Need convincing?

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Is it okay to wash your face with hand soap?

Is it really okay to wash your face with soap? We’re told we need to wash our faces every day, morning and night from a young age, but is it better to skip cleansing your skin at all than to wash with soap? Whether it’s liquid or bar soap are they safe to use or do they really do more harm than good?

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Do you only need to cleanse your skin when wearing makeup?

The classic beauty tip that is passed down from generations of “wash your face every evening” is one of the few that I recommend and feel to be true. It’s a common misbelief that if you haven’t been wearing makeup then you don’t need to cleanse your skin, this couldn’t be more wrong.

Whether you’ve had a busy day out and about with a full face of makeup on, a relaxing day at the beach or a lazy day at home, you still need to cleanse your skin. Throughout the day (and evening) skin is exposed to dirt’s, oils, environmental pollution and free radicals, all of which are less than great for your skin. When you’re not wearing makeup the skin is more vulnerable as it is free of product and “out in the open” so these elements can actually effect your skin more than if you had been wearing makeup. This is why it is essential to cleanse your skin even if you haven’t been wearing makeup and if you have been wearing makeup it is a good idea to cleanse your skin twice, firstly to remove makeup and secondly to remove any build up of dirt’s and oils on the skin.

I also recommend wearing sunscreen EVERYDAY even if it is cloudy outside to protect your skin from harsh elements.

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Can you make your own eye makeup remover?

I’m all for a good DIY option, but when it comes to skincare and makeup… not so much. Whether it’s making your own lip plumper, restoring your mascara or creating your own setting powder, chances are I’m against it. One of the most popular beauty DIY’s is to make your own eye makeup remover, most of which go something like No Tears Baby Shampoo, Baby Oil and water because “If it’s OK for Babies it’s OK for me” Sure products formulated for babies may be safe, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they are good for your skin. 

DIY Makeup Remover

Generally speaking shampoo is not the best option when it comes to eye makeup removal, especially on a daily basis even if it is no tears baby shampoo; it isn’t designed to be used directly on/in the eyes.

Most baby products also contain mineral oil, a highly controversial ingredient which sits “on top” of the skin like a barrier, but doesn’t actually provide any benefits to the skin, not to mention it is a highly comedogenic ingredient (meaning it can create breakouts) and is often responsible for milia seeds (them little white pimple-like things you sometimes find around your eyes)

If you want to make your own eye makeup remover stick with gentle natural oils like cold pressed, virgin Olive and Argan oils or better yet just buy an eye makeup remover! I love Bioderma Crealine h2o (which works as a cleanser for the face, eyes and lips)

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*Please view Makeup Tips disclosure policies regarding information and products mentioned on this blog.


Best of 2013 - Skincare

Another year is over which means another year of testing out brand new products. I’ve tried the good, the bad and the ugly this year when it comes to beauty products and whilst some products sorely disappointed be others greatly pleased me. Here are my all-time favourite products of 2013 which I have loved for months on end and get Makeup Tips seal of approval (for reference I have dry skin) Let me know what were your favourite skincare products of 2013?

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Is wearing makeup actually bad for your skin?

Makeup is really bad for your skin; is one of the most common beliefs and misconceptions, millions of people believe that wearing makeup everyday (or any day) is terrible for your skin but is it really causing that much harm?

The truth is, as with any beauty product; makeup can cause contact dermatitis and aggravate preexisting skin conditions such as eczema, rosacea and acne. Generally speaking, makeup is only going to cause damage to your skin if it is left on for extremely long periods of time (such as overnight or days on end) and if the skin had not been properly cleansed & makeup has not been thoroughly removed.

Makeup can actually be beneficial for the skin. On a day to day basis skin comes into contact with environmental damage, pollution and of course sun rays. As makeup provides almost a “barrier” over the top of your skin, it can actually help to protect your skin from environmental damage and if it contains SPF, your makeup will help to protect against sun damage too. As long as makeup is thoroughly removed at the end of the day, makeup should not cause any harm to the skin. Make sure you give your skin a good double cleanse and use a toner to regulate the pH balance of your skin each night. Give your skin the love it needs with this how-to guide.

Night-time Skincare 101

Night-time is when we get our beauty sleep so it’s important we go to our best efforts to make sure our beauty routine is down pat. Before you hit the hay, there is just a few things you oughta do to have your skin looking and feeling it’s best when you wake up. An ideal night-time skincare routine usually goes a little like this…

Cleanse (twice)

Remove Eye Makeup




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