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Makeup Products for Beginners and Teenagers

Makeup Products for Beginners & Teenagers

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Makeup Touch Up Tips

Whether you have a long 10 hour shift at work, a 9 to 5 job or long classes and hours of studying busy schedules are the regular ordeal so no one really has the time to stand in front of a mirror for 15 minutes fixing up their makeup mishaps…

How to Touch Up your Makeup

Multi-use products (like a lipstick that can double up as a cream blush, a pencil eyeliner that can be used as an eyeshadow and a clear mascara that can be used for your brows) are, quick, simple and easy to use. Plus they save space in your makeup bag and can instantly transform your look if going out after a long day at work or college.

Samples from makeup counters are great for carrying around in your bag when on the go. Ask for samples of your favourite products for traveling and ALWAYS keep a good sunscreen in your bag (you never know when the sun decides it’s going to cook you for dinner!)

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What do I need a Setting Spray for?

Back to the basics: Setting Spray

A setting spray is a clear, water-like mist designed to help increase the wear time of makeup.

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How to make your Makeup Last

One of the most common questions I am asked is “How do I make my makeup last?” Long wearing formulas are great and all but for makeup that lasts the whole day a little more effort is required. This tutorial will teach you everything you need to know and every step you need to complete to keep your face makeup in place all day and all night. 

Start off by cleansing your skin. I find regular facial wipes work best before makeup application but a good proper cleanse never hurt anyone.

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Illuminator 101

Back to the basics: Illuminator

A illuminator (highlighter, luminizer or illuminizer) is a light toned, very shimmery product with light reflecting particles.

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Back to the basics: Blush 101

Back to the Basics: Blush

Blush (blusher or rouge) is a matte or shimmer pink toned product designed to give a natural flush of colour to the face.

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What is Bronzer

Back to the Basics: Bronzer

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1920s Gatsby Flapper Girl Makeup Tutorial

The 1920s are one of my favourite era’s, simply for the fashion , hair and makeup.

The makeup was so elegant and anything but natural looking. The face was matte, the eyes were smoky and the lips were deep red. The hair was short, finger waves were the norm and hairbands were an absolute must. 

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Deodorant as a face primer?

Everyone wants their makeup to last, but how far is going too far to keep your makeup on your face all day through heat, sweat and oil? Milk of Magnesia and Hairspray are major no-no’s, but since deodorant is designed for the skin could it be the answer to makeup prayers everywhere? Again, the answer is no.

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