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Are Asian BB creams really THAT good?

BB creams; whilst Germany is where they originate from; Asia is where it all really started for BB creams. Western brands have been squeezing every B out of BB creams to sell whatever they can. I often find that Western BB creams are just a hyped up version of tinted moisturisers and now we have BB everything, from blushes to powders and even cleansers (and now CC and DD creams too) and BB Creams have gotten quite a bit of attention on my blog. The big question on everyone mind is: are Asian BB creams really that good and what everyone makes them out to be? I like to think: yes. 

Asian BB Creams Missha BB Cream Oslee BB Cream Review and Swatches

Left: O’slee Rosehip BB Cream, Right: Missha Perfect Cover BB Cream

*Missha Perfect Cover BB Cream SPF 42+++

This BB cream along with Skin79 is possibly the most popular Asian BB cream out there and I am not surprised why; as soon as I tried it the first thing that popped into my head was: “WHY HADN’T I TRIED THIS SOONER?”

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Battle of the BB Creams.

BB creams are a product which have taken the beauty world by storm, they’re EVERYWHERE. Are they really that great? or are they just tinted moisturisers repackaged? Well I’ll let you make your own judgement from these mini reviews; of course only if you know What BB creams are!

* Nivea Daily Essentials BB Cream SPF 15

As a beauty blogger I am constantly trying out proNivea Daily Essentials BB Creamducts, from the good to the bad and I can easily say this product was the later, bad. Very bad, atrocious even. For me this just didn’t work. I must ask Nivea what they were thinking and whether they even tested it before they put it on the market because that light shade really isn’t light. It is far, far, far too dark for those with a lighter skin tone (I would say the light shade is equivalent to a MAC NC35, maybe even darker) this BB cream is also extremely thick, uneven and hard to blend. It gives a little more coverage then most BB creams but I found it clung to my dry spots and accentuated the appearance of my break outs. Even if I could get past those cons the scent was the deal breaker for me. It’s got an extremely strong sunscreen scent that would probably irritate those with very sensitive skin. It has a matte finish which would be good for those with oily skin, but those of you with dry skin will really want to give this a miss as I found it dried out my skin further.

Garnier Miracle Skin Perfecter BB cream SPF 15

Garnier’s BB cream was one of the first to hit the wesGarnier Mircale Skin Perfector BB Creamtern market and many people loved it, I’m not one of them. I was pretty keen to see what all the fuss is about but to be frank I do not get the hype. This BB cream is very dark and has an unnatural orange tone to it which I can’t imagine would be flattering on too many people. The BB cream is also very thick, feels heavy on the skin, hard to blend and applies unevenly. It gives a light coverage to the skin and is moisturising, but almost too moisturising as it can give a greasy effect on all skin types, not just oily. To me the scent is too over powering and artificial which is something that I’m not a fan of.

Loreal Studio Secrets Magic BB Cream SPF 12 (Nude Magique BB Cream)

Don’t get me wrong L’Oreal do some great products, but in my opinion this isn’t one of tLOREAL BB CREAMhem. Snaps to L’Oreal for trying to come up with something new and be original with the smart pigments formula which is meant to “magically adapt to your skin-tone” but I didn’t like it. To me the little pigments almost feel like you are exfoliating your skin/rubbing sand on it which isn’t pleasant. If you have fair skin the end result is going to be orange - not a true match like they claim. The coverage of this is quite sheer and because of the smart pigments it cannot be layered as this will result in a darker, uneven colour. This BB cream claims to provide 24 hour hydration, I don’t think I can even say that it produces one second of hydration. This felt really dry on my skin, and it was so matte that it enhanced my dry patches and left my skin looks unhealthy and dull. This BB cream also has a shimmer in it which doesn’t look all that pleasant on the skin, in short it makes you look like a disco ball. The other issue with this BB cream was that it really highly irritated my skin. After about 30 minutes my entire skin was itching, after removing it my skin was bright red, allergic reactions do happen from time to time and as I have sensitive skin not everyone will have the same reaction. (This swatch is blended in as the product is a colour changing product)

Rimmel BB Cream SPF 25

Rimmel is a brand that I wouldn’t of expected to coRimmel BB Creamme out with a BB cream but they sure did. This BB cream claims 9 benefits which to be honest, I probably couldn’t agree with even if I tried. It’s meant to prime, moisturise, minimize pores, conceal, cover, smooth, mattify, brighten and protect. Instead I would describe it as dark, uneven, drying, thick, and patchy; in short a hot mess. The formula is not blended together well so each time you use it the shade results in a different colour. If you have a light to medium skin tone you may be able to get this to match on the grounds that you use excessive blending. It’s nowhere near as dark as Nivea’s (in comparison it’s actually light) but still not a match for those with fair skin. It’s easy to blend into the skin but you have to be fast as it sets onto the skin really quick. It gives a decent coverage and hides redness well but does cling to dry spots so if you have dry skin this isn’t the product for you.

Maybelline Dream Fresh BB Cream SPF 30

If you’ve heard of this BB cream, I’m not surprised, for some it’s the best product they’ve tried, for others it’s a waste ofMaybelline Dream Fresh BB Cream money but it sure has got a lot of hype. Maybelline’s BB cream isn’t bad, but it’s not the best product on the market either. It gives a natural coverage, feels light on the skin and because of the liquid type formula it blends into the skin well! Some people may find that it makes them a bit greasy/shiny (even I did with my dry skin) but that can easily be overcome with some setting powder. It doesn’t cling onto dry spots which makes it good for those with dry skin and it has decent hydration. However like 90% of BB creams on the market this is too dark for fair skin tones. If you have a fair skin tone you will find this too dark and because of the orange undertone it has to it you may find that you resemble Snooki. There is a scent in the product which isn’t the nicest smelling thing I’ve smelt but its bearable compared to Nivea. This is a BB Cream with a higher sun protection then most which is fantastic as I hate having to use another sunscreen underneath.

Covergirl Cgsmoothers BB Cream SPF 15

There’s a big chance that if you keep up to date wiCovergirl CGSmoothers BB Cream Covergirl Aqua Smoothers Tinted Moisturiserth the latest products to hit the beauty market you would of heard a thing or two about western BB creams being a hyped up version of tinted moisturiser, and Covergirl have proved this. If you are the owner of the Covergirl Aqua Smoothers Tinted Moisturiser I can tell you right now - It’s the exact same formula. I do quite like the formula of the Covergirl tinted moisturiser though, they have a decent shade range and a light enough shade to cater to those with a fair skin tone. It blends into the skin easily and feels light. If you have oily skin you may find it a little bit oily and most people will find the sunscreen scent too much.

* Palmer’s Eventone BB cream SPF 15

This is my favourite BB cream and there are hundreds of reasons why. UnlikePalmers Eventone BB Cream almost every other BB cream I’ve tried this has a light shade which matches people with fair and porcelain skin tones (some people with fair skin may find it even a little too light), the dark shade is also dark enough to suit most women of colour (if you have a medium skin tone you may need to mix the two shades together) This BB cream blends into the skin effortlessly, doesn’t cling onto dry spots, gives a sheer coverage (hides redness, etc. and can easily be layered), feels light on the skin and gives a healthy and radiant finish without being greasy. It does give a decent hydration, people with severely dry skin may find the need to use an additional moisturiser underneath but those with oily skin will find the moisturising properties of this product enough. Out of all the BB creams I’ve tried this one tops the bunch, the floral scent may be a little overpowering for some people but it is bearable.

PLEASE NOTE: The BB creams featured in this post are western, drugstore brands only, not Asian BB creams. Please note that it also isn’t possible for me to try every BB cream on the market so not every BB cream available will be featured in this post.

I have included swatches of each BB cream in this post. They are all in the lightest shade of each brand so that you can compare the formulas and the colours, please be aware though that the camera can wash out the colour a little so some shades may be darker then they appear.

*This post contains a product/sample which was sent to me for editorial consideration (products are marked with *) in accordance with my disclosure policy, this does not alter the honesty of this review or the blog, all opinions stated are honest and my own.

What are BB Creams?

If there’s one product that’s practically gained over-night success in the beauty department it would have to be BB Creams; whilst they have been loved in Asian countries for years they’ve become particularly popular worldwide within the last few months. So you’re probably beginning or already wondering, huh? BB creams? What are they? What does BB stand for? What do they do? and a bunch of other questions.

BB Cream

Although Blemish or Beauty Balms (which has been shortened to good ol’ BB) are associated with Asia they started off in Germany back in the 1950s for post laser/surgery skin treatments.

One thing BB cream’s have become pretty damn famous for it’s being the all in one product. Rather then having to use a hundred and one different products to get that “yes I really do have naturally perfect skin” look it’s got it all. Moisturiser, SPF, Primer and Foundation and it’s all packaged up into one handy little tube. Whether your skin concerns are discolouration, redness, or aging you’ll probably find one that incorporates this into the product to.

In recent months BB creams have gained fame across the globe in the US, UK and Australia and drugstore brands such as Garnier, LO’real and Maybelline and high end brands such as Clinique, Stila and Dior have released their own take on them…

What do I think of BB creams? I don’t. I was pretty quick to jump on the BB cream wagon (that’s my duty as a beauty blogger isn’t it?) especially since everyone was going crazy over them but I was disappointed. To me BB creams are a hyped up version of a average tinted moisturiser (which I’ve loved and used for years) I find BB creams are too dry, cakey, too dark (not enough shades for lighter or darker skin tones) aren’t hydrating enough and leave to much of a matte finish on my skin. Whilst Asian brands may be a lot better than the brands we have here I’m staying clear of them as most incorporate lightening/whitening ingredients, although these ingredients are generally for the purpose of correcting darkness they lighten the whole face (I don’t need a lighter skin tone!!) and having fair skin means most of the brands developed across Asia would be too dark or to yellow for my skin tone.

My thoughts on Asian BB creams…

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