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Makeup Tips

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For a bronzed effect on medium skin use a warm toned foundation to highlight and contour.

To make skin look brighter mix a pea sized amount of a pink toned illuminator in with your foundation. The pink will help correct sallow blue tones and the shimmer will help reflect light leaving you with healthy looking skin!

Apply one coat of eyeliner to the waterline let it dry and apply another coat to “lock” in the eyeliner and make  it last longer.

Prevent cheek stains accentuating flaws and uneven texture by mixing it with a small amount of moisturiser on the back of your hand. The result? A gorgeous subtle, dewy glow.

Spritz skin with a hydrating facial mist before applying moisturiser, you’ll use less product and get more hydration.

Sketch out the shape of your eyeliner with a white eyeliner pencil first and then go over it with which ever colour you desire. The colour will appear more intense & last longer.

For an ombré lipstick effect without the fuss apply a bright lip colour with a fluffy blending brush.

Apply a coat of regular mascara and then waterproof mascara. The waterproof mascara will grip to the regular mascara (instead of your lashes) making the removal process easier.

When applying illuminator to your cheekbones try blending it upwards towards your eyes rather than downwards, this will help to give eyes a “lift”

Apply a bright cream blush to the cheeks and apply your foundation afterwards, you’ll be left with a healthy natural flush that isn’t over the top.

If you’re prone to over-applying bronzer dip your brush in translucent powder first and THEN a bronzer. The combination will result in a perfect, subtle sunkissed colour.

When using powder eyeshadows ALWAYS apply translucent powder before  application, even if you’re using an eyeshadow primer. Powders cling to moisture so if you apply eyeshadow straight away the colour may apply unevenly and be hard to blend.

Mix a small amount of blue eyeliner or cream eyeshadow in with your lipstick. The blue will help counteract yellowness, making teeth look whiter.

Apply mascara to your lower lashes first and THEN your upper lashes otherwise you may end up with mascara on your eyelids.

Clear mascara makes a great mixing medium for eye shadows, it grips onto the pigment better and lasts longer than water.

Clay helps to draw out impurities on the skin so dab a small amount of clay mask onto a pimple and once dry remove with warm water.

Intensify a red lipstick by adding a small amount of red-orange pigment on top. The end result will be matte and bold.

Slather on a thick lip balm for duration of your shower and wipe off with a warm muslin cloth after, the lip balm and steam will work to soften your lips and the cloth will help to gently remove flaky skin.

Instead of sucking in your cheeks and making a fish face to see the hollows of your cheeks when contouring (which can result in your contour being applied too close to your nose and looking muddy) try making a soft pout.

For the perfect maroon shade mix a small amount of brown eyeliner with red lipstick on the back of your hand and apply with a lip brush for optimal precision.

Don’t apply concealer directly onto any lines around your eyes or crows feet, it will just crease. Use a smoothing, resurfacing primer before you apply your makeup instead.

Make makeup last even longer by spritzing a makeup setting spray onto moisturised skin BEFORE and AFTER applying makeup.

To make skin look extra fresh and youthful mix a tiny pea sized amount of serum in with your foundation.

Quickly need to groom your brows? Put a dab of moisturiser onto a clean toothbrush or mascara spoolie and brush it through your brows to give them a quick fix.

Concealer tends to “slip” off freshly raised pimples so apply a small amount of powder onto the pimple with a cotton tip and apply a waxy concealer on top.

After applying mascara comb through the lashes with a lash comb and use any excess mascara on the comb to apply just the right amount of mascara to your lower lashes.

Apply a small amount of nude eyeliner on discolouration/dark spots; the peachy tone corrects the colour and any shimmer will help to reflect light.

For fair skin that looks dull or tired; mix a dab of light reflecting yellow based concealer with your foundation to help even out and diminish the appearance of redness and discolouration.

Don’t “dot” concealer on under the eyes; it can make the area look puffy. Instead apply your concealer in a reverse triangle shape and use your ring finger to pat the product into the skin.

If you have hooded eyes then apply three individual lashes on the outer corner of your upper & lower lashes to “lift” the eye.

After a long night out keep it simple by cleansing & moisturising your skin with a light weight moisturiser. Alcohol and/or lack of sleep tends congest the skin so it’s best to avoid heavy, rich moisturisers.

When wearing deep, vampy lip shades; ditch the blush and opt for some bronzer and subtle contouring in order to keep the look fresh and modern.

If you have severe dark circles or tired looking eyes sweep a shimmery peach eyeshadow across the eyelid; it will counteract any darkness and blue tones making your eyes look brighter (just make sure to finish with mascara)

When rocking a barbie pink lip opt for brown mascara over black to keep it looking modern & fresh.

Struggle with perfect winged eyeliner? Apply your eyeliner as usual and smudge it outwards using a liner brush before it dries.

Apply nude eyeliner around the outside of your brows and blend with a small eyeliner brush for a natural looking highlight.

Spritz a hydrating mist on your face after applying foundation; then apply powder highlighter whilst your skin is still moist for a supermodel glow.

To create the illusion of fuller lips apply a clear lip balm with a hint of shimmer to the center of your lips after applying lip colour. It not only looks more natural than gloss but is more hydrating.

For pimples use a cotton tip to blend concealer by using a patting motion.

Apply your setting powder with a clean, flat foundation brush by pressing it onto the skin. This will prevent powder from clinging to dry patches and looking cakey.

Before applying brow powder or pencil prep your brows with a mattifying, silicone free face primer, it will smooth any stray hairs and help product last longer.

Eyelash comb dirty and full of mascara? Clean it with a cheap toothbrush!

Apply a sticky clear lipgloss and let it sit for a minute or two BEFORE applying lipstick. The stickiness will help the lipstick to last longer and tone down the colour.

Opt for brushes with short handles, they allow you to get closer to the face resulting in more precise makeup application.

Want a fuller pout? Rather than just highlighting the cupids bow highlight the two natural lines that connect from your lips to your nose.

After cleansing & exfoliating pop on a hydrating mask overnight, remove it when you wake up and you will be left with gorgeous, hydrated, glowing skin.

Use lip liners all over your lips as a lipstick for an intense, defined, long lasting and matte lip colour.

Mascara look worn and flaky after a long day? Gently apply a coat of clear mascara, it’ll make your lashes look glossy and clump free!

Brown gel eyeliners make great eyebrow enhances for brunettes and dark blondes. They are super long lasting and creamy!

If you have hooded eyelids avoid highlighting your brow bone - it will make your eye appear more puffy.

Don’t start your eyebrows at the edge of your nostril; this can make your nose look larger. Instead, start them in line with the inner corner of your eye.

Person of colour? Translucent powders will just make you look ashy and grey. If you can: skip powder altogether, but if that isn’t an option because you have oily skin opt for a powder that is the same shade (or one shade lighter) than your skin-tone to set your makeup.

Cloudy outside? Don’t think you can ditch the SPF! Whether it is raining, snowing, cloudy or sunny UVA/UVB rays are present so slap on your SPF 30+ Broad Spectrum sunscreen and walk out the door!

When applying winged liner apply some eyeliner on the lower lash line first; the outer corner of the eye angles up and makes a great guide on where to angle your liner. If you aren’t a fan of liner on the lower lash line you can remove the liner after.

When applying mascara fan your outer lashes outwards, your middle lashes straight up and your inner lashes towards your nose, this will make your eyes look larger.

For a transparent, matte super long lasting eyelid primer use a small amount of mixing medium/eyeliner sealer.

When doing winged eyeliner take a small amount of matte brown shadow under the outer corner of the eye of the lower lid. This will make the eye appear larger and add more depth.

After each step of applying a cream or liquid face product (blush, bronzer, contour, concealer, highlighter, etc) take your foundation brush and gently soften the edges for a seamless finish.

Mix a little black eyeliner in with your concealer and apply it to your eyelid for a simple smokey eye. Finish the look off with black mascara and eyeliner.

To brighten up your midday makeup and give it a little extra glow put some hydrating serum onto a makeup wedge sponge and press it into the highest points of the face.

If you want to make your freckles look less obvious use an illuminating primer as this will reflect light onto them and diminish the appearance of them.

When filling in your brows with powder if you have a super sparse patch dip your angled brow brush in water prior to application. This will intensify the colour and apply easier.

When waiting for the glue on a full set of false eyelashes to dry push them into the lash line using a flat eyeliner brush. This will ensure they get as close to the lash line as possible and blend in with your natural lashes easier.

To give your under eye area more radiance and hydration mix a little eye cream in with your concealer and then apply.

When using a full set of false lashes cut them in half, this way you can use them as a half set or use both halves and make it a full set whilst allowing you more control in the application process.

For a long lasting cream shadow apply a cream pencil eyeliner onto a fluffy blending eye brush and buff onto the eyelid.

When you’re applying mascara to your lower lashes hold the thinnest part of a wedge sponge underneath them, this will prevent any mascara transferring underneath your eyes and prevent excessive product getting onto the lashes and clumping.

When lining your lips use the pencil on its side to give a more natural finish.

When blotting off lip colour either gently kiss a tissue or gently rub one over your lips or the colour will fade unevenly.

To make your lips look larger and make your lip colours more intense use an illuminating concealer all over your lips prior to lip product application.

For a glowy finish; mix a little illuminator in with a cream or liquid blush on the back of your hand and apply to the apples of your cheeks.

For a pretty Victoria Secret glow; rather than just using bronzer on your cheeks use a rosy warm toned blush under your bronzer.

For an easy contour which has completely neutral undertones; apply some brown pencil eyeliner to the areas you want to contour (under the cheekbones, chin, lip and sides of the nose) then blend with a powder brush.

To help brow powder adhere better to your eyebrows; apply a little clear brow gel to an angled brow brush, wipe of excess product, take the powder onto the brush an apply to the brows in light feathering strokes.

If you prefer to use pencil liners but find that they don’t give you enough definition; take an eyeliner brush over the tip of the pencil and build up your desired amount of product and apply.

To achieve a more sculpted look try using two or three different shades of bronzer to warm and sculpt your skin. This will look more natural and radiant.

To correct redness in a pimple use a small amount of an eye drop on a cotton tip; this will reduce swelling and redness however ensure that you use clear eye drops and not tinted or it may leave colour on your skin.

When doing a statement lip do it on a fresh face before any other makeup is applied; this way you will be able to coordinate it with the rest of your makeup without looking OTT

To give more definition to the lashes and to reach every lash brush an angled eyeliner brush onto a mascara wand and apply to the lashes. You can also do this for the lower lashes to prevent clumps and smudges.

If you make a mistake with your eyeliner rather than reaching for the eye makeup remover; clean it up using a small amount of liquid foundation on a cotton tip instead.

If you are getting photographs taken ensure that you use a foundation which is free of any SPF, on camera; especially flash photography sunscreen shows up as pure white and will make you look washed out.

To give a false lash effect on your lower lashes dot in between each of your lashes with a black liquid eyeliner.

To fix over the top blush take a stippling brush with a small amount of foundation on it that’s similar to the blush formula you’re using and lightly buff over.

Prior to applying glue to your false lashes paint the band of the lashes with black liquid eyeliner. This helps to conceal the band further making the look less fake.

If you love your lipstick shade but find it’s too bright mix it with a small dot of liquid foundation. This helps to sheer down the colour as well as making it last longer.

If your lip liners are dry in texture and drag on the lips rather than glide on smoothly dip the tip into some clear balm prior to application.

Smother eye cream under your eye area before applying shadow, it will catch any eyeshadow fallout and hydrate the eye area. Wipe off the eye cream with a clean wedge sponge once you’re done.

For that real natural flush look apply sheer foundation everywhere but your cheeks, just make sure you blend well around the area or it will look unnatural and unblended.

If you have a tendency to overdo it with the blush; after putting blush onto your brush tip it lightly in a translucent powder with a slight shimmer to it. This will make your blush sheerer and give you more of a glow.

Want a darker, deeper more berry based red but don’t want to go out and buy another lipstick? Mix some black pencil liner on the back of your hand with a red lipstick. This will also help the colour to last longer!

Avoid wearing a peach blush with bronzer it can cause the golden tones in the bronzer to actually look orange.

Try using eye cream on your lips rather than a lip balm before applying lip product, unlike lip balm which tends to sit on top of the lips, eye cream absorbs faster and is packed with more hydrating ingredients.

For eyes that are very rounded and prominent avoid lining the bottom lash line, this defines and emphasizes the shape which can make your eyes look too round.

When it comes to eye creams less is always more. Only use a very small amount where you need it, applying to much product can actually cause it to build up under the skin and give the appearance of puffiness.

If you have Asian eyes always use waterproof eyeliner on the upper lash line, due to the way your eyelid folds your liner becomes more prone to smudging.

Lip plumpers should be chucked after a year, after a while they lose their plumping abilities and the formula becomes tacky and sticky.

To amp up a red or berry lip try applying a little dark purple powder or cream shadow in the center of your lips. This gives more illusion and colour to the lips but still looks great.

Those with darker skintones try incorporating deep greens into your eye makeup when you want to be a little more bold or for when you want to do a party look. These compliment deeper skin tones beautifully and really make your eyes & skin tone pop!

If you prefer to use brow wax fill in rather than typical pencil or powder mix a little eyeshadow that matches your brow colour with some stiff hair wax and apply in soft feathering strokes. This gives a natural appearance that lasts longer than standard powder.

Unless the wood is touching the skin don’t sharpen your brow pencil. Blunt brow pencils give a softer more hair like appearance compared to ones with a sharp point which tend to give a pen like appearance & finish.

When doing winged eyeliner keep a clean angled brush spare with moisturiser on it. This way you can create a precise line simply by cleaning up the edges of the original line.

If you have oily skin and find your makeup slides off during the day even when you use a primer; skip the moisturiser and just use the primer. Most primers provide enough hydration for oily skin anyway as they are moisturisers with added silicons, etc.

Very precisely shade just under your lip with a brown lip pencil or a small amount of contouring powder on an angled eyeliner/brow brush. This will result in a fuller looking pout! Make sure you blend it a little though so people won’t think it’s from something you’ve eaten!

Avoid using waterproof eyeliners on your waterline, although it will last longer and won’t smudge as much they are too tough and dry for the waterline and will drag on the skin.

If you have dry skin and struggle to achieve that dewy finish without your foundation melting off, mix a small pea sized amount of your preferred facial oil with your foundation and apply. It provides more hydration and gives the dewy effect without looking all overly greasy.

If you find black or brown mascara looks to heavy and clumpy on your lower lashes but you still like some definition use clear mascara on them instead, it will give the illusion of naturally long, healthy, glossy lashes!

For the most control and to get into those hard to reach areas with a blotting tissue wrap it around the point of a wedged makeup sponge.

To make shadows appear more intense and last longer use white eyeliner pencil as a base all of the lid.

If you can’t find the right shades for a smoky eye try either a charcoal, grey or navy, all of these shades are universally flattering on all skin tones and ages.

When creating a smoky eye blend out any harsh edges with a clean natural hair eyeshadow brush dipped in translucent powder.

Rather than wiggling your mascara wand at the root of your lashes tap it on instead. This technique makes lashes appear even thicker and ensures an even application.

If you’re out of concealer use a small amount of dried up foundation from the lid instead.

When contouring your cheek bones end it a fingers width away from the corner of your mouth so it’s in line with your pupil; otherwise it will look unnatural and will hollow you out.

When using stick concealer under the eyesdon’t apply it directly from the tube. Your eye area has very few oil glands and as these are quite thick they will drag on the skin resulting in wrinkles at a later date. Instead place some on the back of your hand, apply with a brush and blend with your fingers.

After applying false lashes bond them together so they look real by curling your lashes. However ensure the glue is dry.

For a natural looking lip apply a nude coloured lip liner onto your lips with your index finger. It gives an illusion of nude bare lips.

After applying glue to false eyelashes bend the strip while the glue is becoming tacky, this way the eyelashes will go on effortlessly, look more real and will fit the contours of the eyes.

Out of highlighter? Apply a small pea sized amount of un-sticky gloss on your hands and rub together and lightly press onto the highest points of the face.

While your lashes are still wet from mascara remove any clumps by lightly pushing a fan brush lightly over the top of your lashes.

If you want to even out your lips don’t use foundation or concealer; either use a nude lipstick/liner

If using a pigmented powder which matches your foundation shade to set makeup and control shine; use a shade lighter than your natural skin tone as these powders can sometimes darken the appearance of your foundation.

The best, easiest and quickest way to look fresh? Ditch the mascara.

If you wear glasses and are short sighted your eyes can often appear smaller when wearing glasses so ensure you line the top lash line so they appear bigger preferably with brown eyeliner and try and opt for brighter shades of shadow.

Find your smoky eye doesn’t last for more than a couple of minutes or isn’t intense? Use gel eyeliner in a similar colour underneath for more staying power and more pigment or a bright vivid colour underneath a traditional smokey eye for a colourful twist.

When concealing pimples always use a formula that is quite dry to prevent highlighting them and to give the most natural finish.

The best/perfect pink shade for you will be a colour that matches the inside of your gums, a little brighter is great to but avoid going lighter or you will look washed out.

Want fuller looking lips? Trace around your natural lip line with a skin toned eye/lip pencil and blend with your fingers. This helps to give a natural looking highlight to the lips and prevent feathering/bleeding.

For a look that says “I’ve just eaten a punnet of strawberries” use a berry toned lip stain just above the insides of your upper and lower lips. Finish with a coat of clear balm for a perfect finish.

For a fresh runway glow apply a small amount of lip balm all over the eyelids and up to the brow bone.

Apply a small amount of gold toned cream shadow over the top of your lipstick for a more lustre and shimmer finish rather than glossy.

For a more sculpted face apply a foundation in a shade lighter on your T-zone and for the outer parts of your face use a darker tone.

Not sure what bold lipstick shades to use? Opt for cool reds such as berry and mahogany tones these are flattering on all skin tones and help to make your teeth appear brighter.

It’s fine to use a lipstick directly from the tube when you first purchase it but once it looses it’s fine tip you will need to use a lip brush in order to get a precise and good application.

If you find your under eye concealer often looks dry and cakey mix a small amount of brightening eye cream or a hydrating primer with it and apply, although you may need to use more concealer the area will look brighter and less cakey.

If you have dark skin try and avoid pink toned highlighters and opt for gold ones instead they look a lot more natural.

If you’re out of eyeliner take a small precise eyeliner brush and dip the head into your mascara and apply over the lash line. Just ensure it’s not a mascara that flakes and for best results use one that’s waterproof.

For a subtle but colourful eye look; apply mascara as you usually would but apply a coloured mascara on the other side of your lashes!

Ensure you apply sunscreen around your entire eye area/orbital bone, the skin around this area is much more sensitive and fragile. Use one with a white overcast for a fresh doe eyed look and to reduce the appearance of dark circles!

Use a square eyeliner brush to apply your lipstick; it has a sharp edge so it will give you a lot of definition and a precise amount of colour. It will also prevent you from missing any areas on your mouth.

When using false eyelashes ensure you apply black eyeliner on your upper lash line to conceal the band.

Fix dried up gel eyeliners by mixing a very small amount of eye makeup remover or mixing medium with it in the lid or on the back of your hand.

If you find that whenever you apply iridescent eyeshadows they look glittery apply a small amount of translucent over the top after application; this will help to tone it down.

Check whether an eyeshadow is a wet/dry design by spraying some water onto the shadow, if it just sits on top and doesn’t absorb it’s only designed for dry use, if it sinks in and you can mix it all up it is designed to be used wet and dry.

For the most impact on your brows fill them in with several different brow pencils, lightest pencils first to darkest, ensure you blend well.

Apply a small amount of lightweight hydrating foundation primer on your lips before you apply any lip product, this gives a good amount of hydration without the greasiness that lip balms give and helps the products to last longer.

Smile when apply lip products. This helps you to reach each section of your lips so there are no patchy or bare areas.

Once you hit your 30’s ditch foaming cleansers if you use them and opt for something creamy, milky or a cleansing oil instead. As your skin gets older it generally needs more gentle and hydrating products.

Spray a hydrating mist over your face before applying a liquid foundation and blend well with an oversized fluffy synthetic powder brush, this will give you a flawless, dewy, airbrush like finish.

For a long lasting lightly tinted foundation; mix a small amount of foundation with a primer instead of your moisturiser. This gives a sheer, dewy, longer effect and it also helps the product to sit on the skin rather than absorb. Prep the skin with a lightweight moisturiser to prevent a patchy look.

If your foundation is too light for your skin tone or you don’t want to spend money on a darker one for summer; mix a tiny amount of wash off bronzing gel on the back of your hand with your foundation and apply. Just ensure you only use the smallest drop of bronzing gel and you blend the two together extremely well or it may look unnatural.

Blot your lips after applying lip balm with an oil blotting sheet instead of a tissue. It doesn’t leave a light film or residue on the lips unlike tissues and it gives a perfect clean base for you to work with and apply your lipstick or gloss on.

Get the glowy look without the oiliness by applying a primer just to the areas where there is the most oil, then take a cream illuminator and apply it to the dryer parts of the face, such as the cheeks. Follow with a light application of foundation and a light dusting of translucent powder on the t-zone.

If you have skin that’s prone to going blotchy opt for a lipstick with more orange in it then red, this will help to make the skin tone look more even, just ensure it does have some blue tone to it or your teeth will look yellow.

Apply setting powder everywhere but on the cheeks and cheekbones, this will give you a fresh illuminated look without any highlighting products.

If you have grey tones in your skin correct them by mixing concealer a small amount of orange lipstick or blush in together and applying. This also works for dark circles.

If you’ve got a few fine lines under your eyes ditch the concealer and opt for a powder illuminator/highlighter under the eyes instead. It will look fresher and won’t settle and crease into lines as much.

Once your past your mid/later thirties and find you look older and less fresh ditch the mascara, it makes you look older and less fresh, instead get your eyelashes tinted and permed. If you really must use mascara, then make it a clear one.

Even if you do have pink undertones don’t use a pink toned foundation. Use a yellow toned foundation instead. Otherwise your makeup will look like your nannas.

Try not to let hot water drip onto your face while you’re in the shower. The power/pressure of the droplets hitting your skin and the heat or the water can lead to broken capillaries at a later date.

Most lip balms are designed to provide a protective barrier for the lips and to lock in moisture instead or providing it. So try to use lip balms with lots of oils and butters.

Make a bold coloured lipstick less bright by applying a beige/nude coloured lipstick underneath, the sheerer you want it, the more beige you apply.

Placing colour directly on the bottom waterline can often look harsh and editorial, even if it’s a shade like white. So instead just apply it to your upper waterline and blink a few times. This will give you natural looking liner on your upper & lower waterline.

Use a tiny amount of clear mascara or brow gel around the outside of your mouth, this will help to prevent lipstick from bleeding.

If you don’t have great skin avoid using cheek tints/stains they’ll highlight any flaws and make your skin look blotchy.

If you have any scars that leave a ‘dent’ in your skin don’t just cover it with concealer. Instead apply a filling/resurfacing primer so that your skins surface is even.

Use a concealer brush to apply your lip products, it has a precise edge which helps to give you a cleaner finish.

Lipstick smudging/bleeding around your lips can be hard to correct so instead of just using foundation/concealer to correct it; take a tiny amount of makeup remover and outline your lips with it, then lightly press a tissue over your mouth area to blot the lipstick and remove the remover. Then follow with concealer/foundation around the lips for a perfect lipstick application.

If you can only wear a few makeup products make it a cream blush, lipstick and clear mascara on the brows and lashes, normally if you have makeup on those areas and have pretty good skin it gives the illusion that you’re wearing foundation anyway.

Before applying mascara close your eyes and dust some translucent powder over your lashes. This gives the mascara something to grab to and it helps to make your lashes look thicker and defined.

Ensure you take care of your décolletage area the same way you take care of your face. Your décolletage is one of the areas which is exposed to sunlight the most and it’s one of the first areas of your skin to age. If you don’t want to use your normal face cleanser or moisturiser; opt for something cheaper instead.

If you have oily skin ditch the foaming cleanser and opt for a cleansing oil instead. Oil is attracted to oil so it helps to remove and clean your skins excess oil while still being gentle.

Line your eyes with a dark shadow and then double line by going over it with a similar coloured pencil, gel or liquid liner. This will give you the most intensity and definition.

Most cameras bring out the pink tones in the skin more which can leave the face looking red so neutralize the skin tone with a yellow toned foundation whether you have pink tones or not.

When having flash photos taken avoid using nude coloured lip products: they’ll just make you look washed out. So instead opt for a colour with more pink or red in it.

Don’t use perfume on your neck, décolletage or the back of your ears during the day time. Most perfumes contain alcohol which makes the skin more sensitive to light so when it comes into contact with the sun it results in pigmentation.

If you have acne opt for a physical sunscreen rather than a chemical sunscreen as these are prone to clogging the pores whilst physical sunscreens such as Zinc oxide has anti-inflammatory properties so it will also help to treat your acne.

Avoid using cream blushes/bronzers over powder foundation or translucent powder, they will grab to the powder to easily and wont spread or blend.

Don’t apply blush on the hollows of the cheek bone and blend it up it actually just ages you and makes you look unwell. Instead just apply blush to the apples of your cheeks and blend up towards your temples. Leave dark powders and bronzers for contouring.

Use an all-over eyeshadow brush down the sides of the nose to contour, this gives more precision then a bronzer or angled blusher brush.

When using a liquid liner pen hold it on its side for a precise, clean and bold line.

Store your gel eyeliners upside down to prevent drying out. Normally the moisture stays at the bottom so storing it upside down will make the moisture stay in the top.

If you want to wear a bold colour on your lips during the day time but find it’s not wearable, sheer it down by mixing a tiny amount of the colour in with a creamy lip balm.

When using cream shadows tap the product on for the most pigment.

Use a fluffy blending eye brush to blend out your concealer for the most natural looking finish.

Use your ring finger to softly smudge eyeliner towards the outer corner of your eye for added definition.

When using powder to set your foundation press the brush into your skin and roll it over you face with the brush on its side. This will help it to look like your own skin and prevent it from looking cakey.

When applying eyeshadow use one side of the brush to apply the colour, then flip the brush over and use that side to blend it out.

Use a white eye pencil very softly around the cupids bow of your lips, this draws attention to them and make them look more feminine without looking over the top like concealer or highlighter.

Mix a little bronzer in with a highlighter for a bronze toned illuminator.

Don’t use concealer on the lips to neutralize them, it looks unnatural and it’s drying. If you need to neutralize them use a light foundation instead.

If you have very oily skin don’t use a powder foundation; otherwise the oils on your skin may change the colour of your foundation on your face and give it an orange tone.

For Asian eyes, don’t line your lower lash line, instead take a smoky black shadow a third of the way in and by the outer v of your eye. Then stop, then take a highlighter and place it just in the middle of your lower lash line, then take the same smoky black shadow by the inner corner of your eye on the lash line.

If your main focus is a bold lip apply a small amount of foundation through the brows; this will give more focus onto the lips.

Concealer around the hair line tends to look cakey and un-natural so if you have any imperfections that need correcting use a foundation stick instead.

Use sticky tape to remove any eyeshadow or glitter fall out easily.

When using glitter on your eye lids heavily apply translucent powder around the eye and use a clean powder brush to sweep off the excess after you’ve applied glitter.

Apply mascara before applying false lashes for maximum volume and length, this prevents you from pulling the lashes out.

When using a loose eyeshadow rub your fingers through the brush you’re going to use, the oils from your fingers will help the shadow to be more intense and minimize the amount of fallout.

Apply your blush whilst your foundation is slightly damp; this way you can make the colour look more intense, but still natural. Ensure you blend well.

For the most natural looking and easiest eyeliner on your upper lash line take a kohl pencil and apply it from the inside of the lash line above the waterline, but you will have to clean off your bottom waterline after as it does tend to lightly smudge at first.

Do you find that your face wipes often dry out quickly after being opened? Store them in a zip lock bag to keep them fresh or wet them before use to reactivate the formula!

Those with golden complexions should avoid anything too orange or coral and instead opt for tomato red shades, which are red with the smallest hint of orange.

Stop your makeup from transferring onto clothing items by lightly pressing a tissue over your face after each step, especially foundation!

Don’t apply your cleanser to a wet/damp face; this actually dilutes the cleanser down making it less effective. Cleanser = always applied to dry skin.

Create a plumped, subtle colour lip look by patting your lipstick onto your lips via the tube.

If you wear bronzer around your hair line and are wearing your hair up, ensure you apply some on your ears to; otherwise your makeup will look uneven and blotchy.

If you apply powder to set your foundation make sure your foundation has settled, otherwise the powder nay cake and all your makeup will end up patchy.

If you want to apply lipstick precisely but don’t own a lip brush use a clean sponge tip applicator to apply.

Wet an eyeshadow brush with water in a spray bottle and then towel dry it and take the colour you want, this gives intensity but won’t cause your eyeshadow to go watery.

Make your lips appear larger by using a shade of lipstick that’s slightly lighter than your normal lipstick just in the center of the lips and then finish with an application of gloss in the center of the lips.

Instead of exfoliating at night, do it in the morning before you apply your makeup, this will make your makeup glide on so much more easier and give you a glow that lasts throughout the day.

Instead of lining your lower waterline with a white/nude pencil just line your upper waterline, this looks a lot more natural and is less visible but still has the same effect.

If you wear liquid/gel eyeliner and always end up with a messy line or one that’s way too far above your lash line put lots of little dots along your lash line with a kohl pencil and trace over them with your liquid/gel liner.

Always apply your blush a little higher than you think you should, because applying blush to low will drag down your features instead of bringing them out.

If you’re having photos taken make sure you take your foundation all the way down to your neck, by your collarbone and dust some translucent powder over it, to avoid looking washed out also dust some bronzer over your décolletage.

Apply your foundation with your fingers so it glides over the skin easily, but blend it in and out with a foundation brush. This will give you a flawless, natural looking finish.

If you’re wearing your hair up and wearing makeup make sure you put a tiny amount of foundation on your ears; otherwise your entire face will look unnatural.

Clean any testers you want to use before and after with an anti-bacterial wipe, or if it’s at a cosmetic counter ask them to. Otherwise you risk pimples, and other people’s bacteria on your skin, eyes or lips.

Don’t wear makeup when you are working out, sweat pushes impurities and makeup out of the skin and once your skins dried off your makeup dries and often sinks into the pores, making them clogged, which results in pimples.

If you struggle with the application of gel eyeliner, instead of gliding the brush along your lash line, press the brush into your lash line starting from the outer corner of your eye and work your way in, this will give the effect of a straight line without the hassle.

If you struggle to find a contouring powder that’s light enough for your skin use a matte powder 2 to 3 shades darker than your skin tone.

Dab some illuminator onto a matte lip for a gorgeous look that looks shimmery but not glossy.

To get the most eyeshadow onto your brush press the brush onto the eyeshadow, this will give you a lot of colour to work with.

Avoid smoking, alcohol and to much caffeine as these cause many skin problems (and health problems!) they also make the skin age a lot quicker and cause more wrinkles.

Like to wear mascara on your bottom lashes during the day, but black looks to heavy? Then use brown on your bottom lashes and black on your upper lashes, believe it or not no one can ever tell the difference!

Don’t apply foundation right up to the hairline or at the edges of the face, this is generally where the skin is better so less makeup is needed, and applying foundation their always looks super unnatural.

Your ideal eyebrow fill in shade is normally one shade lighter than your hair colour.

Illuminators should only be applied to the highest points of your face so it doesn’t look like oil. Apply it to the brow bone, tip of the chin, end of the nose and high on the cheek bones as this is where the light reflects.

To fix up eyeshadow fall out from under the eyes, apply a multipurpose clear balm to a cotton tip and lightly wipe away, this removes the fall out but not the makeup, finish by setting with translucent powder.

Reapplying lipstick throughout the day can often result in a cakey finish so instead apply some lipstick to a cotton tip and fill in the area’s which have faded.

If you find brow pencils look too harsh feather the pencil onto the pointy end of a eyeliner cotton tip and then apply, this gives a more natural looking brow.

Avoid using a pink toned highlighter on your brow bone or it will look like you’ve just tweezed.

When choosing a bronzer it is not only important to choose one with a red tone instead of orange but you should also try and match it to the colour that your skin is when tanned.

If you want to wear a smoky eye but don’t want one that’s grey or black, instead opt for a dark plum colour for a brighter more colourful smoky eye.

If you find liquid liner often has a shiny effect set it with some eyeshadow in the same colour or some translucent powder. This will help the colour to be more intense, last longer and have a more matte effect.

When applying eyeliner on the upper lashes always ensure you start with a thin line and make it fatter towards the outer corner for an instant eye lift.

For a neutral day look avoid applying eyeliner on the bottom lashes all the way to the inner corner of the eye, instead apply it three quarters of the way in.

If you end up with ‘tissue rash’ during winter use a good hydrating lip balm on the area that’s affected, this will soothe the area and can be constantly reapplied unlike concealer.

Even if you haven’t used your brushes in a while still ensure you cleanse them once a week as dirt still builds up in them.

Concealer brushes can also be used to apply cream eyeshadows, just ensure you clean it between products.

Often one foundation colour will not exactly suit lots of different skintones, so mix two shades of the same foundation (one lighter, one darker) in order to get the best colour.

Opt for lipsticks with a blue undertone as these make your teeth look whiter.

If you have redness on your cheeks or roseca and it shows through your foundation avoid using blush and just use a bronzer instead.

Avoid wearing dark coloured eyeliner on your waterline if you have small eyes as this will just make them look smaller, instead opt for a white or light pastel tone.

If you have a good illuminating eye cream apply some on the brow bone, inner corner of the eye, cheek bones and cupid bow for a natural looking highlight.

Wipe your mascara wand on a tissue for a clump free application.

Use a stick foundation as a concealer for a more natural look.

If your hair colour is blonde or red a brown mascara will compliment you and suit you better.

Bronzers can often go muddy after a couple of months so replace it as soon as it stops working like it used to.

185) Foundation should be used to even out your skin tone, not change it.

Use a white kohl eyeliner on the inner rim and upper lash line for eyes that look bigger & brighter.

People with asian eyes should have thick eyebrows in order to look more natural.

Look down when you are applying mascara for an  application and one that doesn’t poke your eye.

Press some moisturiser over the top of your  makeup to freshen it up and remove cakiness. 

If you’re going to do a smoky eye and have dark circles ensure they are perfectly covered or you’ll look like you have a black eye.

Never use a concealer that’s a shade lighter then your skin tone when hiding pimples as this just highlights them.

Avoid using stippling brushes to apply foundation as the bristles soak up to much product, instead while your foundation is still semi wet buff over your foundation for a flawless airbrushed finish.

If you’ve got small eyes avoid dark eyeshadows as they make them appear smaller and opt for light coloured tones.

Glasses draw attention to your brows so make sure they are always perfectly groomed.

When using a anti-dullness primer/colour correcter ensure you are using the correct colour for your skin tone. Light skin tones should be using a pink toned product, Medium-dark skin  should be using an orange/apricot toned product.

If you have a liquid foundation that doesn’t have a luminous finish, mix in some illuminator for a fresh and dewy glow.

Always avoid licking your lips no matter how tempting it is, all it does is drys them out more.

Apply some lipstick onto your index finger and lightly pat it onto your lips, this will create a nice sheer lip stain.

Mix a bit of bronzer in with a primer for a nice subtle summer glow.

Wear  primer alone for a dewy and natural look.

Use some makeup primer on a cotton swab to correct any mistakes, this will keep your makeup looking fresh, and will remove any mistakes without being noticeable.

To find your cheek bone place your middle finger and index finger together at the outer corner of your eye, you should be able to feel your cheek bone by doing this.

Always apply concealer after foundation, this way you can see where you need more coverage and your concealer wont rub off.

Highlight the brow bone, and the middle of the eyelid with a white eyeshadow so that when the light hits your eyes will pop.

If you accidentally get lip product just outside your lip line put some concealer that matches your skin tone onto a cotton tip and use it as an eraser.

Apply blush not only on the cheeks but very lightly on the forehead, chin and nose for a sunkissed look, just be careful not to go over the top.

To get long lashes with lest chance of clumps always use the zig zag motion (moving the wand back and forth)

Use lip liner all over your lips as a base this will keep colour staying all day and all night!

Powder under the eye area sometimes mascara and eyeliner smudges because it’s attracted to creamy  concealers and eye creams.

If you have Asian eye’s create a thick smoky line along the top lashes which is thick enough to be seen when your eye is open and a thinner one under the bottom lashes. This will enhance more beauty and make eyes look more defined.

To create a darker more dramatic shadow effect, wet your applicator tip then dip into your eyeshadow and apply.

Never pump your mascara, this adds air to the mascara container which will only make your mascara dry out faster and shorten its lifespan.

Heat your eyelash curler for a while under a warm hair dryer heat so you’re eyelashes stay in place.

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