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Does Cornstarch work as a setting powder?

I’m Judge Makeup Tips and I’m about to bust you for believing one of the biggest beauty myth’s out; you now have the right to buy a setting powder.

When a reader recently asked me about a beauty tip she had heard - using cornstarch as a setting powder I was a little skeptical… There are hundreds of beauty DIY’s around the internet some good and safe others bad and dangerous. The latest trend? Cornstarch as a setting powder, for some people it only seems natural that if something is safe enough to eat it’s safe enough to put on your skin but this isn’t always the case. Although unlike Milk Of Magnesia it won’t cause any serious damage to your skin it still isn’t the best thing to be using.

Almost all makeup powders have cornstarch or talc (sometimes both) cornstarch is a great substitute for companies wanting to not use talc (which often clogs the pores) but this is where people start to get confused. Whilst cornstarch is great at mattifying the skin in makeup products it’s best to save it for makeup manufacturers, not for creating your own setting powder. The issue with cornstarch is that it is food derived, not mineral derived (much like flour) so once it becomes in contact with moisture it’s an instant breeding ground for bacteria. Most brands have cosmetic chemists that know what ingredients and formulas will prevent this from happening and it’s usually highly purified/treated so bacteria won’t form.

BEAUTY MYTH: BUSTED! Don’t try and create your own setting powder or primer, purchase a well manufactured, FDA approved (or your countries equivalent) product instead.

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    I’m Judge Makeup Tips and I’m about to bust you for believing one of the biggest beauty myth’s out; you now have the...
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