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Rimmel Apocalips Review + Swatches

This product is marketed as the Rimmel Show Off Lip Lacquers in the United States.

The Apocalips has taken the world by storm, (well the beauty world at-least) it has been on everyone’s lips and most reviews haven’t had a bad word to say about them, being the fussy beauty blogger I was expecting myself to have a few complaints about these but they turned out to be a pleasant surprise….

Rimmel Apocalips Color Show Off Lip Lacquers

Rimmel Apocalips Lip Lacquers from left to right 100 Phenomenon, 101 Celestial, 102 Nova, 201 Solstice, 303 Apocaliptic, 501 Stellar, 500 Nude Eclipse, 701 Star Gazer. 

The packaging of these isn’t amazing but sure beats some of the other drugstore lip products out there. I love that I can see how much product I have left and what the colour is through the bottom of the tube. The packaging is quite sleek and easy to pop in your bag although like most lipgloss style products this is again unhygienic as you are constantly pushing bacteria back into the product.

I’m not a fan of many things in my lip products and thick, uncomfortable feeling formulas are just one of my many pet peeves, luckily Rimmel were able to bring out the big guns on this one with a comfortable, lightweight formula that doesn’t irritate my uber-sensitive lips. Like most lip formulas now a days this falls somewhere in-between a gloss and a lipstick, I love lipsticks but I don’t like that they sometimes appear very matte so this is a perfect combination in my books.

As previously mentioned I have very sensitive, very dry lips and often many products dry them out (did someone say L’Oreal Caresse Wet Shine Stains?) whilst these aren’t the most hydrating lip products in the world they don’t make my lips as dry as the Sahara desert but I still prefer to use a good lip balm prior to application.

Rimmel Apocalips Show Off Lip Lacquer Swatches. 100 Phenomenon, 101 Celestial, 102 Nova, 201 Solstice

Rimmel Apocalips Lip Lacquer from top left to right: 100 Phenomenon, 101 Celestial, 102 Nova, 201 Solstice

The pigmentation is my favourite thing about these. Unlike many other lip products these are extremely pigmented which means I don’t have to spend 10 minutes layering the colour until it shows up on my lips. One coat of these and I have instant colour pay off.

Rimmel Apocalips Show Off Lip Lacquer Swatches 303 Apocaliptic, 501 Stellar, 500 Nude Eclipse, 701 Star Gazer

Rimmel Apocalips Lip Lacquer swatches  from top left to right:  303 Apocaliptic, 501 Stellar, 500 Nude Eclipse, 701 Star Gazer

The Australian range contains a total of 8 shades which cater to every taste, personally I’m not a fan of the nude shades but Celestial and the brighter shades have quickly become some of my favourite lip colours. The UK has 8 shades again but the shades do slightly differ, the “Show Off Lip Lacquers” (US) has a total of 14 shades (I’m jealous!)

The staying power of these varies. I find most of the shades last quite well up until I eat (which means I usually will have to touch up) but usually these last fine through drinking. I found the brighter and darker shades had better staying power and left a subtle stain on the lips whilst the lighter, nude shades seemed to fade a bit quicker.

Scent wise some people may find these a touch over-powering. These contain the classic Rimmel London watermelon scent which I don’t necessarily hate but I’m not exactly head over heels for it either. It is better than other lip products I have tried which sometimes have a soapy, detergent taste.

Rimmel Apocalips Color Show Off Lip Lacquer Applicator

Rimmel Apocalips Applicator

The applicator is fantastic, I usually hate doe-foot applicators but this holds the perfect amount of product and allows for a super precise application.

Overall I’ve become a fan of these. I wish that the 14 shades were distributed across the globe as opposed to just the 8 but that is something minor. These have easily become one of my favourite drugstore lip products and are definitely better than a lot of other lip lacquers I have tried.

The Rimmel London Apocalips/Show Off Lip Lacquers retail for $15.95 in AUS at Priceline, select pharmacies and most major department stores.  £5.99 in the UK at Boots, Superdrug, ASOS, and Tesco. $4.99 in the US, exclusive to Walgreens and Drugstore.com

*This post contains a product/sample which was sent to me for editorial consideration in accordance with my disclosure policy. This post also contains affiliate links. This does not alter the honesty of this review or this blog, all opinions stated are honest and my own

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