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Does Toothpaste Cure Pimples?

I’m Judge Makeup Tips and I’m about to bust you for believing one of the biggest beauty myth’s out; you now have the right to buy a spot treatment.

"Hey! You should try using toothpaste on a pimple the next time you get one! ” she said. The only way I can even think that someone may of come across this is by accidentally getting some toothpaste on a pimple after brushing their teeth. Using toothpaste on pimples as opposed to a proper spot treatment has become a pretty popular beauty tip out there but if you are using it, you probably shouldn’t be. Sure it may of worked once or twice when you got a little curious and let this beauty myth get the better of you but it’ll actually just cause more problems than it solves. Toothpaste contains ingredients that fight plaque, bacteria, gingivitis, bad breathe and all them other teeth related problems. These usually contain a heck of a load of ingredients, like for instance hydrogen peroxide which is in short bleach; It’s also a common ingredient in spot treatments because it can dry out pimples, but toothpaste contains a much higher concentration of hydrogen peroxide than a spot treatment which can irritate the skin. Other ingredients like fluoride which are in most toothpastes can also cause some ugly damage to the skin, like itching, redness, peeling, over-drying, burning, hyper-pigmentation (especially on darker complexions) So use toothpaste on a toothbrush to brush your teeth, not on your skin to get rid of pimples. Instead opt for a spot treatment, I like tea tree oil.

BEAUTY MYTH: BUSTED! Toothpaste on pimples causes more problems than it solves, case dismissed.

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