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How to Press a Pigment

I LOVE the effect that pigments can give, what I don’t love is how messy they are. For starters I can never get just the right amount of product on my brush and they end up everywhere. Your hands, vanity, on the floor, even on the walls. So instead of pushing my pigments to the back of my makeup drawers and forgetting about them; I press them. Other than the fact they are no where near as messy and fall out is kept to a minimum one thing that I really love about pressing pigments is you can play around and make your own colours!

How to Press a Pigment

You will need: A loose eyeshadow/pigment, a small bowl, a knife/spatula, rubbing alcohol (which you can get from a drugstore/pharmacy), an empty eyeshadow pan and a palette (eBay has them super cheap) to store it in, a 10 cent piece (or any coin that will fit perfectly in the pan, which is a quarter for you Americans) and some paper towel.

Step by step on how to press a pigment

Step 1: Start off with your pigment (that messy little thing that you hate using!)

Step 2: Gently hold the pigment jar over the bowl and slowly tap till you get a small amount of pigment that is enough to fill up the pan.

Step 3: Add a small amount of rubbing alcohol to the bowl.

Step 4: Mix the pigment in with the rubbing alcohol until it becomes a creamy paste. If you have too much rubbing alcohol (like I do in the photo above) you will need to add a little more pigment or vice versa.

Step 5: Scrape the paste into your shadow pan, smoothing it down as you go along. After you will want to gently tap the pan so the mixture spreads evenly; to do this I usually just gently drop it down onto a hard surface a few times.

Step 6: Place your paper towel over the eyeshadow pan and place your coin on top. Apply some pressure (you will start to see the rubbing alcohol slowly drizzle out and the paper towel will become damp) and then remove. This is also the time that if you need to you should clean up the edges with your brush dipped in rubbing alcohol (this will make it look clean and neat) I didn’t clean mine up because I was happy with how it turned out.

Step 7: Applaud yourself for the awesome job you done and allow the pigment to dry until it becomes a normal shadow texture (I usually allow four hours)

Step 8: Pop it into your palette and party because you can now use your pigments in pressed form!

PS: I highly recommend sanitizing all your tools before doing this. (Your spatula, knife, bowl, brush and of course the coin - you don’t know who’s pocket that has been in or who has touched it!)

PPS: You don’t need to be worried about using rubbing alcohol. As long as you allow it to dry the alcohol will evaporate and won’t alter the performance of the product.

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