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Are Asian BB creams really THAT good?

BB creams; whilst Germany is where they originate from; Asia is where it all really started for BB creams. Western brands have been squeezing every B out of BB creams to sell whatever they can. I often find that Western BB creams are just a hyped up version of tinted moisturisers and now we have BB everything, from blushes to powders and even cleansers (and now CC and DD creams too) and BB Creams have gotten quite a bit of attention on my blog. The big question on everyone mind is: are Asian BB creams really that good and what everyone makes them out to be? I like to think: yes. 

Asian BB Creams Missha BB Cream Oslee BB Cream Review and Swatches

Left: O’slee Rosehip BB Cream, Right: Missha Perfect Cover BB Cream

*Missha Perfect Cover BB Cream SPF 42+++

This BB cream along with Skin79 is possibly the most popular Asian BB cream out there and I am not surprised why; as soon as I tried it the first thing that popped into my head was: “WHY HADN’T I TRIED THIS SOONER?” This BB cream is better than many foundations I have previously tried. The coverage is perfect; enough to cover redness and most imperfections whilst still looking like your own skin. It feels light and has a dewy, healthy looking finish. Not to mention; The hydration is great! Usually with my dry skin I find that I often have to use an additional moisturiser underneath with tinted moisturisers and BB creams otherwise I find they dry out my skin and make it look flaky, neither was so with Missha. Good hydration, no flaky patches. (Oily skinned people be warned: you might want to set this one with powder!)  SPF 42+ is great sun protection, and living in Australia where the UVA/UVB rays are very strong and always present I need high sun protection. I found that shade 21 matched my fair, Bobbi Brown Porcelain skin quite well but I blame that on the easy blending this product has, it doesn’t leave me with that horrible "I only fake tanned my face" look, however most people will probably have an issue finding a good shade match, especially those with extremely light or very dark skin. My only other  complaint is that the scent is just a touch overpowering for my liking.

Asian BB Creams Missha BB Cream Oslee BB cream swatches and review

Swatches: from top: Missha Perfect Cover BB cream shade 21 Bottom: O’slee Rosehip BB cream.

*O’slee Rosehip BB Cream HD Flawless SPF 26++

This BB cream was still great, and still a hundred and one times better than Western BB creams; which to be frank, don’t even come close to the quality of Asian ones. This BB cream still delivers great coverage but it feels just a little thick and heavy (which is odd since it claims that it won’t clog pores and is breathable + oil free) The hydration was good but almost verges on too hydrating but the product still manages to have a demi-matte finish. If you have extremely, severely dry skin this may be better for you but I found it still accentuated some dry patches. The SPF isn’t as high as Missha which is a little disappointed and I found the scent quite strong. Asian BB creams have a very odd smell to them, I can’t quite put my finger on it or even know how to describe it but it is much different than anything I have ever smelt before. There is only one shade in the BB cream which means if you have very fair skin you will find this too dark (I found it a touch too orange for my skin tone) or dark skin you will find this too light. I feel like this one could’ve been better but it still wasn’t a total disaster and it is still a lot better than some western ones I have tried.

Missha and O’slee BB cream can be a little hard to find in Western countries so buying online is the best way to get hold of one. Ebay can be risky since there are A LOT of fakes out there so try Cosme-De  Missha is $19 and O’slee $17

*This post contains a product/sample which was sent to me for editorial consideration in accordance with my disclosure policy. This does not alter the honesty of this review or this blog, all opinions stated are honest and my own.

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