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Another Sydney Adventure.

The “Adventures” series is just a bit about my adventures as a beauty blogger like traveling and attending events! Part 1

Whilst Sydney is a little fast paced for my liking there is no denying that I love the place. For one I still get that warm buzzy “I’m an Australian” feeling inside when I see the Opera House and the Harbour Bridge. Most importantly though it is beauty event city which I LOVE.


Last week I had the pleasure of attending the Benefit Fake Up launch. As most of you probably know I’m already a bit of a Benefit fan, the Hoola bronzer, High Beam, Posie Tint, They’re real, Watts Up, Benetint, I could go on for hours. So naturally being a benefit fan + a beauty blogger a new product is bound to excite me. (I haven’t actually tried a Benefit concealer before!)


Photo: Benefit Cosmetics.

The event was held at the Benefit Boutique in Paddington and was everything you would ever expect from Benefit. Shirtless waiters in bow ties, Dr Feelgood and a short theater act from the Benefit Australia team, which was a little different but we all secretly enjoyed it and it gave us all a good laugh.


Photo: Benefit Cosmetics. Dr. Feelgood also known as Justin Fullerton General Brand Manager Australia and Professor Pink who also goes by the name of Sara Botwood the Global Vice President of training for Benefit

Benefit claims the new concealer is hydrating for up to six hours (thanks to the hydrating ring around the concealer which contains vitamin E & apple seed extract ) and will not crease. It reportedly instantly hides dark circles, diffuses fine lines and gives silky smooth coverage. Some pretty big claims there so I am interested to see if the product lives up to it. So far it seems quite good.


Photo: Beauty Directory. The new concealer launching April 20th for $35.

Appetizers and cocktails circulated around the event and me having the sweet tooth that I do went straight for the AMAZING cupcakes (I secretly might of eaten a few to many) and the delicious, refreshing apple sorbet.


Photo: Lather Rinse Rpt Instagram, yummy cupcakes!

We all left with cute Benefit makeup bags filled with some of their best sellers (They’re real and POREfessional, it should come as no surprise I have tried both before!) and the new concealer. I had an amazing time (huge thank you to Maxed Thomas PR & Benefit for having me!) and it was a great event, well worth the trip!

* I was a guest at the Benefit Fake Up launch for Benefit and was compensated for my travel costs. I was not under any obligation to write this post and as always my opinions remain 100% honest and uninfluenced in accordance with my disclosure policy.

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