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kelliecompton said: What tips would you have for a girl who enjoys a dewy finish but has very oily skin? It's hard to find a balance between too powdered-out looking and too greasy.

Yes you have oily skin, no that doesn’t mean you can’t look glowy and healthy  and have to load your face up with a load of powder. Thanks to loads of products out there on the market. Tarte Illuminating Serum

The Skincare: Gone are the days of heavily matte skin instead gorgeous, glowy skin is the ultimate focus and thanks to this trend (which is definitely here to stay) there are a lot of skincare products out there which can help your skin look gorgeous and radiant.  Try a whole skincare line dedicated to giving you that healthy glow or just use a serum which will directly treat your concern. I love the Burt’s Bees Radiance range, it has a great selection of products which don’t make you look all greasy. I also like the Tarte Illuminating Serum.

The Primer: Priming with an illuminating primer is in my opinion the best way to go. You can either use a standard liquid illuminator all over your face prior to your foundation or a specific primer designed to brighten up your complexion such as Murad Dewy Skin Primer, Benefit That Gal/Girl Meets Pearl or if you are on a budget Essence Illuminating Makeup Base. 

The Foundation: Sticking with your matte foundation is a must if you want to avoid looking greasy so you don’t need to change anything on that route. However what I would suggest is try mixing a drop of liquid illuminator in with your foundation and then applying it to your face. The illuminator will reflect light making you look healthy but because of your matte foundation you will still look oil free.

The Powder: I am not a fan of powder. I never have been and until I found a powder which absolutely knocks my socks off I will probably continue my hate relationship with it, however as you have oily skin I can understand how it could be an absolute essential for you so I would suggest either: A. Keep the powder strictly on the t-zone (the forehead, nose and chin) but don’t go onto the cheeks and all them other little crevices of the face. This will keep oily parts of your face matte but the higher and center parts of your face look glowy. Otherwise opt for a powder with a slight shimmer/sheen to it to set your makeup.

Benefit High BeamThe Highlighter: The other thing you can do (which I feel is essential in makeup and is something EVERYONE should do, oily skin, combination skin or dry skin) is highlight it using an illuminator/highlighter/luminizer or whatever you want to call it. This is where you apply a shimmer based product to the highest points of your face (such as the cheekbones, cupids bow, etc) I actually wrote a guide earlier back on how to highlight your face.

I hope I helped you and if you need anything else feel free to ask.

If any product you use irritates you discontinue use immediately.

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