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Figuring out your skin type

Often figuring out what skin type you have can be difficult, so here’s the types of skin types there are:

Normal skin: Normal skin feels comfortable, is smooth with small pores, it is balanced, and sometimes/rarely experiences shine, and/or lightly dry cheeks.

Dry/Extremely dry: Dry skin feels tight after cleansing and feels rough. It often looks dry or flaky, has very small pores which are almost invisible and is often more sensitive then other skin types, it also shows fine lines faster. Dry skin is not to be confused with dehydrated skin.

Oily skin: Oily skin is normally shiny especially around the t-zone (Forehead, nose and chin), often has frequent breakout’s, may have blackheads and is more prone to acne.

Combination skin: Combination skin is oily throughout the t-zone and has dry cheeks or dry spots, generally has larger pores  in the are of the t-zone.

Dehydrated skin: Dehydrated skin is similar to dry skin except it’s lacking water instead of oil, dehydrated skin if often caused by not drinking enough water, smoking, or daily pollution. You should drink at least 8 glasses of water a day if you have dehydrated skin and make sure that you use products designed for dry/dehydrated skin types.

Skin conditions:

Sensitive Skin: Sensitive skin can either be dry or oily, it is easily irritated by makeup, and skincare. It is often prone to redness and can be itchy or blotchy.

Acne: Acne often comes in patches over the skin, they are pimples/ large-small spots which cover the skin. The skin is often red and often the pimples have white tops that are filled with puss. Acne is often caused when the skin gets clogged up with dirt’s/oils or from family history.

Rosacea: Rosacea is a skin condition where the skin has a tendency to go extremely red, and can often be sore, the skin needs to be calmed when you have this skin condition so opt for natural or mineral makeup.

Eczema: Skin with eczema is often very dry and flaky. It can often be itchy and can crack and bleed. This can often form as a result of using harsh chemicals. Skin with eczema is often dry and sensitive.

Also remember when you ask a question to include your country and skin type, and skin condition if you have one, here’s two examples:

I live in Australia and I have dry and sensitive skin and little eczema.


I live In Australia and I have combination skin.

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