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bluemoonlouis said: When you apply mascara and your eyelashes start to clump together, whats a good way to seperate them or avoid it all together?! :)

Spidery looking, clumpy lashes can rarely look good and unless you are trying to channel your inner twiggy it can often be a makeup meltdown, not a statement.

Tissues for makeupA-tissue:

No I’m not about to break out in song and fall down, I’m about to tell you a makeup tip that will probably save you loads of time, effort and mascaras thrown into the bin. Before you apply your mascara; wipe the wand on a tissue! This will remove any of the excess mascara (resulting in fewer clumps) and will make the application process a heck of a lot easier!


Whilst most beauty addicts know it, it’s a little known fact that rather than just sweeping a little mascara through your lashes and saying “I’m done!” you should wiggle the wand back and forth through your lashes. This will not only make your lashes look longer and thicker but it will reduce clumping.


Chances are, you are one of them people who look into a mirror and stand there with your mouth open looking like a puffer fish, well you are doing it wrong. Rather than putting on your fish face you should apply your mascara whilst looking down into a mirror. This reduces clumps, makes the lashes look longer and can also prevent you making a mess of the rest of your whole eye area and makeup.


metal lash combJust like how you comb your hair when you have some knots you can do the same for your lashes except for clumps instead. To do this you don’t use your regular hair comb (duh!) instead use one which is specially designed for the lashes or brows. These come in plastic and metal versions and which one you choose is up to you. Plastic ones are often cheaper and safer (if you tend to be clumsy and poke your eye) but they aren’t as hygienic and easily cleanable as metal, not to mention they often break after a short period of time. To use them just comb through your lashes to remove any clumps whilst the mascara is still wet. Otherwise you can also apply some mascara onto the comb and then comb it through your lashes. If a comb is a little too risky for your liking you can also use a mascara fan brush (fan brushes can also be used to apply mascara and they give amazing results) or a clean, standard mascara spoolie.


You may find that defining and volumizing mascaras make your lashes a little clumpier. This is because they are designed to make it look like you have more lashes. So instead opt for lengthening mascara as these formulas are generally a little thinner than others on the market.

Smashbox Hyperlash MascaraBrush:

It’s also worth while paying extra attention to which brush you choose. Certain brushes will give you certain results. Big, thick brushes can often give you more clumps as opposed to long, skinny brushes. Another option out there are mascaras that have a comb applicator instead of a spoolie, so if you find combing through your lashes after mascara too fiddly and just another thing to do, this could be a good option for you. In my experience mascaras with plastic brushes give you less clumps then the traditional mascara spoolie. Smashbox Hyperlash is my favourite mascara for its brush and its formula. It never clumps!

A short lecture:

Don’t use a safety pin to remove mascara clumps (yes some people do it and I cringe like mad).

If you want to apply more than one coat do it whilst your other coats are still wet, not after they are dry; it will just cause clumps.

Unless you are using a heated eyelash curler NEVER curl your lashes after applying mascara, it can be extremely damaging to the lashes.

Don’t pump your mascara wand in order to get more product onto the brush, this just pushes air into the tube, causing it to dry out quicker and become full of bacteria.

If your mascara is turning dry, it’s time to get a new one, not add saline solution or water to it.

Common knowledge really, but no sharing your mascara with your friends or your family. Even your mother or your sister, doesn’t matter how close you are you still risk eye infection!

Last but not least get rid of each mascara after 3 months, mascaras harvest bacteria. Each time you take the wand in and out of the tube you are introducing more bacteria into it, and you are taking that bacteria to your eyes. (Can often be the cause of pink eye, stys, etc)

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