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Dior Backstage Full Coverage Fluid Foundation Brush Review.

I still remember the first time I purchased a foundation brush and I didn’t know the importance of good quality brushes.  I thought that spending anywhere over $13 for a makeup brush was insane and this is because I was naive and nobody had ever explained to me why I needed a good one. When it comes to foundation brushes, or just brushes in general you can never have too many of them, who ever knew I would end up with 12 of them? So like most other brushes the first thing I thought upon seeing this brush was “it’ll be just another foundation brush”… But I was wrong.

Unlike the traditional typical flat, rounded foundation brush which I’m sure majority of us are familiar with; this foundation brush is an angled brush, probably the equivalent of a flat top kabuki/buffing brush but with an angled edge to it. The shape of this brush is something that I really do like. Due to the angle of which the bristles are cut it allows you to reach every nook and cranny of your face.

This brush is very dense, there certainly isn’t a shortness of bristles here, in fact if they could squeeze anymore in I’d be quite shocked. The denseness of this brush isn’t a bad thing. I might even say I love it. The denseness of the bristles works a treat at providing full coverage, no matter which foundation you’re using. It spreads product very easily and blends foundation into your skin so that it actually looks like your own skin and it doesn’t give you that unnecessary cakey and patchy look that so many foundations and foundation brushes can give you. Instead it’s a seamless, airbrush style, natural looking finish.

The bristles of this brush are very high quality using this brush on your face almost feels like a kimono well close to it anyway. Like majority of foundation brushes it’s synthetic bristled so it’s generally best used with cream products, I don’t think trying to use a powder with this would end up with a happy ending. There is very minimal shedding with this brush, even when I first cleaned it and first used it no shedding occurred however occasionally I do end up with the odd bristle on my face every now and then. The bristles of this brush also hold shape very well, they don’t bend out of shape no matter how abruptly you use them or how often you clean them which to me is a good trait for a brush to posses - to many times I’ve purchased a brush and after several uses it starts to look a touch lopsided.

Versatility is something I am a fan of. I love a product which can be used in more ways then one and it doesn’t just stop at makeup, I love a brush which is multi-tasking too. Due to the synthetic bristles of this brush I’m able to use it for more then just a liquid or cream foundation. I love to use this brush as well for applying a cream blush to my cheeks, a gel bronzer to my temples or a cream or liquid illuminator onto my cheekbones or down the sides of my nose and the thing which I love to use it for the most is to contour underneath my cheekbones with a cream product a few shades darker then my skin tone the angled cut of this brush really fits well underneath them. (Just be sure to clean it between steps!

I did have to spend a little more time cleaning this brush then I probably would of liked. With this particular brush it’s quite difficult to clean it quickly. Due to the densely packed bristles product can really end up working it’s way further and further up the bristles, almost into the ferrule which is a bit unfortunate. The drying time of this foundation brush is also a little longer then other brushes I have used in the past which I again think is due to the denseness of the bristles so if you’re planning on giving it a quick clean an hour or two before you get ready to apply your makeup you may want to think twice.

As someone who suffers dry skin a common issue that I tend to encounter with foundation brushes is that they micro-exfoliate my skin which can leave it looking flaky, uneven and unnatural. However this foundation brush successfully helped me with foundation application without making the drier areas of my skin more prominent.

One downfall with this product which I would generally expect when it comes to this particular brand is that this brush is quite expensive at $75 in Australia or $45 in the United States.

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The Dior Backstage Full Coverage Fluid Foundation will cost you $75 at Myer and David Jones in AUS and $45 at Dior Counters in the US.

*This post contains a product/sample which was sent to me for consideration in accordance with our disclosure policy, however this does not alter the honesty of this review or the blog, all opinions stated are honest and my own.

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