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DiorSkin Nude Fluid Cult Foundation Review.

A foundation is sort of an important step in makeup, it provides a whole entire base for the rest of your makeup to turn out; don’t get your foundation right? You won’t get the rest of your makeup right either so it’s important that you nail the correct shade, correct formula for your skin  and the best coverage for you.

Whether your preference is matte or dewy you’ll probably quite like the finish of this particular foundation. I would probably class it as demi matte, it still has a subtle glow to it so you still look healthy but if you have oily skin it isn’t necessarily going to make you look like you’re incredibly shiny.

The coverage is probably around medium. It covers imperfections well (such as redness, discolouration, etc) and tones down the look of pimples but a small amount of concealer may be needed for additional coverage on areas like dark circles, broken capillaries, etc.

I don’t really care too much for SPF in foundations although I prefer it to be SPF free and to use my own SPF underneath. This is because that way the foundation can still be used in the evening and in photography. This foundation contains SPF 15 which is pretty decent for during the day but it’s still a good idea to use an at least SPF 30 moisturiser/sunscreen underneath to ensure you have maximum sun protection.

Dior Skin Nude Cult Fluid Foundation review

This foundation actually worked pretty well with my skin type. I often don’t trust those foundations which claim they are good for all skin types as generally in my experience a foundation designed for oily skin won’t work for dry skin and vice versa but this one truly seems like it would work for every skin type. For my dry skin it wasn’t necessarily hydrating (but I don’t look to foundations for my skins hydration needs anyway) but it still made my skin look more healthy, more radiant and a little less dull. Unlike many foundations this one didn’t highlight my dry patches and make them appear prominent so I’m pretty happy with that. As this foundation is water based (they claim that it’s mineral and floral water based) it will work good for oily and combination skin types to and it shouldn’t make you get shiny throughout the day either.

Majority of the time I always use a primer with my foundations but when I’m putting them through my tests I always try it without one as well, the staying power of this is decent it doesn’t disappear throughout the day but I did notice that it ended up looking slightly patchy and uneven; even with my all time holy grail Smashbox Photo Finish Oil Free Primer which normally works for every foundation I’ve ever used.

The next thing was a deal breaker for me. I have fair skin; not super porcelain but it is still fair and occasionally I find the lightest shade in foundations are too dark for me. This DiorSkin Nude Foundation in the lightest shade (010) matched me perfectly I couldn’t of been happier with the colour match but that was until… It started to oxidize. I checked and I asked myself "maybe it’s just the lighting in this room? Maybe I didn’t blend it enough? Maybe it was the primer or moisturiser I used underneath? Maybe I applied too much?" but it wasn’t any of those things, it was just oxidization. I haven’t had a foundation oxidize on me before, I have dry skin so it’s not a very common thing for me to encounter. This foundation gradually changes to a very peachy, warm almost orange tone within a matter of minutes and it’s not just on my face, it done it on the back of my hand as well. The foundation comes in 9 different shades so I would suggest purchasing this in one shade lighter then your skin tone due to the oxidization of this product.

The formula of this foundation is quite thick which unfortunately makes it slightly difficult to blend. I found a standard foundation brush didn’t work well at all and related in a streaky, uneven application. I tried applying this foundation with almost everything I own and I found that the thing that worked best was either my fingers, a sponge or the Dior Backstage Full Coverage Fluid Foundation Brush. Unfortunately this foundation dries very quickly on the skin as well which makes it even more challenging and I found that because of the oxidization; working in layers didn’t work; it looked like I’d used three different shades of foundation and badly blended them on my face.

I really love the packaging of this DiorSkin Nude Fluid Foundation; it’s housed in a sleek glass bottle and has a silver pump to finish it off. I love pumps especially in foundations as it just makes life that little more easier - it prevents you contaminating the product and allows you more control of the amount you need. I found I needed around two to three pumps to get the ideal amount of coverage over my face.

Dior Back Stage Full Coverage Fluid Foundation Brush Review that I mentioned earlier.

The DiorSkin Nude Fluid Cult Foundation will cost you $77 at Myer and David Jones in AUS and $48 in Sephora and Dior Counters in the US. For more information about this foundation visit here.

*This post contains a product/sample which was sent to me for consideration in accordance with our disclosure policy, however this does not alter the honesty of this review or the blog, all opinions stated are honest and my own.

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