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U Little Beauty Clay Facial Cleansing Mask Review

I’m constantly looking for products to replenish moisture in my skin but I’m also looking for products which will help to deeply cleanse my skin and detox my face free of impurities and this is exactly why U Little Beauty’s Clay Facial Cleansing mask has been a staple for me and my at home fortnightly facials. I’ve been a lover of this product for around the past two years, yes two years and I know that when I stick with a product for that long it’s a great one.

U Little Beauty Detox Your FaceWhilst I have dry skin I still get the occasional breakout; or two, or three, or four, or five… and like the rest of the world I hate getting breakouts on my skin and I really find this mask helps to get rid of them quick smart or at least make them clear up a little and appear much less noticeable; making them easier to conceal with a little concealer.

This product performs and it performs well at that. I often get the feeling of congested skin whether that be because I’ve had a busy week or just the weather is wrecking havoc on my skin and this facial mask really gives my pores a good deep clean and draws out all the little impurities out of my skin so it doesn’t feel all dirty and icky. After use my skin always feels nice and plump, healthy, firm and smooth.

Getting rid of dead skin cells is really important so that you are able to experience the full benefits of each product you use and so that your makeup goes on smoothly rather then clinging to little dry spots. I personally find this mask works best after exfoliating and it gets rid of any dead skin cells that lay on the surface of the skin with ease and makes it feel more refined

I don’t like products packaged in tubs but for a few products I’m willing to make an exception for and this one is one of them. I find tubs are quite unhygienic for two reasons; one each time you stick your finger into a product you contaminate it with bacteria and tow each time you open the product it’s exposed to air which can dry out the product and cause bacteria to enter the product which I dislike, but you can solve this by using a cotton tip to dispense the product.

When using this clay mask you can really feel all the impurities being drawn out of the skin, I normally use it for around 10 minutes and it dries to a sort of powdery finish and make it somewhat difficult to move your face (like raise your eyebrows, or smile) I normally use this once a week with an at home facial:

  • Cleanse Twice
  • Steam (Fill a sink with hot water and put face over it to open up pores)
  • Exfoliate
  • U Little Beauty Clay Mask
  • Hydrating Mask

As most of you probably know by now I LOVE natural skin care products and they are all that I use for my skin, I find natural products to be much more effective then standard skincare products as they don’t use harsh chemicals and that’s why U Little Beauty is one of my favourite brands and as well as being natural  it’s Australian made, vegan and not tested on animals. If you’re wanting to try U Little Beauty’s Face Mask you can pick it up for $22.95 at Priceline, David Jones, Selected Pharmacies and online.

*This post contains a product/sample which was sent to me for consideration in accordance with our disclosure policy, although I have purchased & used this product several times before. This does not alter the honesty of this review or the blog, all opinions stated are honest and my own.

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