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Benefit Cosmetics High Beam Review

Illuminator is one of the main things I use everyday and just about every time I apply makeup I’ll use it, even if I’m not wearing a base like tinted moisturiser or foundation, it just gives my skin that perfect little pick me up and it’s great for faking that “just been on holiday glow” especially when you’ve actually been unwell!

Benefit’s High beam is something I use time and time again it ticks all the right boxes for me when it comes to illuminator.

This illuminator has a natural looking tone to it which for me is something important, don’t get me wrong I love illuminators that have that blue or purple runway tone to them but they’re not really all that fantastic for day time. High beam however has a gorgeous light natural pink undertone to it which is flattering to just about every skin tone.

I tend to prefer cream/liquid based illuminators apposed to powder which can often be chalky, but I’ve definitely experienced my up’s and down’s with creams to with them often being streaky and not blending into the skin, instead creating an obvious line of illuminator which doesn’t really give you that desired glowy effect. This cream/liquid however does not do that, instead it gives a subtle highlight that looks natural but glowy and when you get the sun shinning on your face while wearing this little guy it gives you a gorgeous effect.

Being of a liquid formula it makes it difficult to highlight areas such as the inner corner of the eye, the cupids bow and the brow bone as these areas tend to require more precision instead of straight out blending and even when used to highlight the brow bone it can sometimes look a little fake as it has a good pigment to it and having a pink tone it can result in looking like you’ve just tweezed the brow bone. However for areas such as the bridge of the nose, the cheekbones, the forehead, and the tip of the chin it works fabulously!

The packaging isn’t the best thing in the world but it’s not the worst either, I wouldn’t class it the most hygienic option as when you open it each time and take the brush out bacteria flys into the tube and the brush, similar to a mascara, but I can’t really think of any other way it could be conveniently packaged, in a pump bottle to much product would be dispensed, in a squeeze tube again to much product would probably be dispensed and in a jar well let’s not even go there. The good thing about the way it’s been packaged however is that you are easily able to control the amount of product you want, meaning you don’t end up looking like a disco ball.

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