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Essence Gel Eyeliner Review

Gel eyeliners are relatively new on the beauty scene but they have quickly become a favourite by makeup lovers world wide and there is no surprise why; unlike pencils and shadows which are prone to smudging and unlike liquid which can run everywhere gel eyeliners are unique. It can feel like there are hundreds, thousands even of different gel eyeliners out there so it can be difficult to know which one is best, previously you had to pay top dollar for gel eyeliners but now affordable drugstore brands are jumping on the bandwagon; even brands such as Essence.

Essence Gel Eyeliner

I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t blatantly disappointed when I’d seen an advertising campaign for a gel eyeliner where it looked super creamy and light as air, because most of the time I’d purchase the product to try and it would be dry or more like a thick dry cream, it was becoming to seem impossible to find a gel eyeliner which was well actually a gel.

That’s why when I tried this Essence gel eyeliner I was more impressed then I think I ever had been. Not hundreds of fancy claims and campaigns just a simple gel eyeliner labeled as ‘high precision and waterproof’. Previously I was beginning to think that I’d only ever love my Stila Smudge pots when it came to gel eyeliners but I was wrong and this Essence gel eyeliner has certainly pleased me.

Unlike other gel eyeliners this product really is a gel, it’s super creamy and has a smooth air whipped formula which glides over the skin with ease rather then tugging on the skin like how most so called gel eyeliners do. The formula isn’t thick or clumpy and you only need the smallest amount of product to achieve your desired result.

I can say with comfort that one of the most common issues people have with eyeliners in general is smudging and not being waterproof despite the brands claims, it’s probably the most common question that I receive out of all but to be perfectly honest I wasn’t expecting this product to be anywhere near waterproof but geez was I wrong! This product has got to be the longest lasting gel eyeliner I have tried. Once dry this gel eyeliner stays put, and I mean STAYS put I feel like I could shower with this product on and it still wouldn’t budge! It withstands smudging super well even on my oily eyelids so when I’m rocking a cat eye I don’t need to clean out my crease every few hours.

With this gel eyeliner it really is easy to control the amount of product you would like from precision to rocker chic this gel eyeliner is great for both looks. I love a good cat eye just as much as the next person and if I had it my way I’d probably be sporting one everyday and this gel eyeliner makes it so easy to achieve a precise clean cat eye while also been fantastic for a natural thin everyday eyeliner look or a smokey eye.

I feel it really is worth mentioning the pigmentation factor with these gel eyeliners; they are super pigmented so what you see is what you get rather then a very sheer wash of colour these gel eyeliners have extreme pigmentation

With most gel eyeliners I have a problem where I purchase them and several weeks later they dry out and become difficult to use but this gel eyeliner has maintained it’s freshness for good period of time (tip: try storing your gel eyeliners upside down to prevent them drying out!)

Last but not least I couldn’t go without mentioning the affordability, with all the great points in this gel eyeliner you’d probably think it would cost a fortune but not at all. This gel eyeliner is possibly the most affordable on the market and at $3 to $5 for the high quality who can complain?

My only complaint is I wish there were a broader range of colours to choose from!

With Essence Gel Eyeliner; what you see is what you get!

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