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Under eye bags.

If you suffer from puffiness when it comes to your eyes you are probably not alone, and you’re probably not alone when it comes to wishing you could get rid of them. There are many factors of which can be contributing to under eye bags:

* Sleeping patterns/Not getting enough sleep.

* Genetics (this is generally THE MAIN cause for most people)

* Sickness.

* Dehydration.

- Before you hit the sack avoid anything spicy or anything containing caffeine, instead opt for milk, cheese and most peoples favourite; chocolate these contain amino acids which help to calm you down so you get your beauty sleep, and of course avoid using any tech stuff before bed!

- Try sleeping with a few extra pillows at night so your heads sitting up a bit more, if your basically sleeping with your head at the same height as your body this could be contributing to the problem of under eye bags. Huh? You’re probably wondering. Well under eye bags are made up of fluid which is built up (causing puffiness). If you are lying 90% flat with your head not raised the fluid builds up easier, while if you have your head a bit more elevated this helps to drain away excess fluids from your face.

- If you’re not drinking at least a litre of water a day and feel like you’ve tried everything to battle under eye bags then drink up as dehydration could be the contributing factor.

- Use a good firming eye cream. This will help to tighten and firm up the area which helps to reduce puffiness both the appearance and physical aspect of them. Bonus they also help to prevent wrinkles and sagging of the skin! Try keeping yours in the fridge overnight so you can quickly dab it on in the morning.

- Less is best. I can’t stress how important the less is more/less is best rule is and how much it comes into play in the beauty sector. It applies to nails, hair, makeup and skin! When you are using an eye cream I cannot stress how important it is not to use to much! Using a lot of eye cream will result in product build up which builds up underneath the skin causing excess puffiness. Try opting to spreading out the cream well (in a tapping motion) all the way out to the cheekbone; believe it or not this is where most of the puffiness comes from.

- It’s a well-known fact that cooling down the area is the best thing to reduce puffiness, at least temporarily anyway! So put your feet up and some cool cucumber slices on your eyes for a few minutes to help reduce puffiness, you can also try putting a table spoon in the fridge and pressing it on closed eyes for a few minutes, it’ll be cold but it works!

Okay enough with all that crazy healthy stuff, let’s move onto concealing instead.

- I bet 90% of you have never thought of this before and to be perfectly honest neither had I, but using contouring & highlighting to make those under eye bags *magically disappear* (or at least make other people think they have) this is the way to go. You are going to need two concealers either cream or liquid based (liquid tends to work better) and you are not going to be using ones that match your skin tone. You need a concealer which is at least 1 shade lighter than your natural skin tone (a shade and a half works best) and you also need a concealer which is a shade darker than your skin tone (don’t go any darker than one shade). Also DO NOT use a concealer which is highlighting/luminizing/light reflecting whatever else you want to call it, use a basic matte no shimmer concealer.

So listen up….

1. Take your darker concealer shade and place it all over the puffiness do not go any further, make sure you get it only on the area of which is puffy and blend in using a tapping motion with your ring finger, remember that less is more so don’t use too much.

2. Take the lighter shade of concealer next and use it to outline about a millimetre around the outside of your under eye bags (it’s best to lower your chin and look in the mirror to figure out where this is as normally the bags will pop out so you can just place the lighter shade underneath) and blend very very gently and very very precisely, you may be best to use a very small/precise clean natural hair eyeshadow/liner smudge brush to do this (I have said to allow one millimetre as opposed to half a millimetre which is ideal so that there is room to blend, however if you find that placing it half a millimetre works better do what works best for you)

3. Do not add powder, illuminator or anything else on top. Powder will add bulk which you do not want and placing  illuminator on the bag will add light to the puffiness making them more pronounced. Under eye bags need to be brought back with darkness and the outer area needs to be brought forward with lightness, if you insist on using illuminator which I do not recommend only use it on the outer area. If you find your concealer creasing try priming the area prior to correcting/concealing, use powder as the very last resort.

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