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- Maybelline Fit Me Concealer.

I’ll admit it, I’ve never really been able to settle down with concealer. It’s too light, it’s to dark, doesn’t give enough coverage, makes my dark circles look worse, is cakey, is dry, is meant to be illuminating when it’s really just a big bundle of glitter, it creases, it just doesn’t work. This are the words you probably would of heard me saying a few months ago when I could never find the right one. I’d try drugstores, I’d even tried some high ends but for some reason concealer just never seemed to click for me, It was okay for the occasional pimple but for things like my dark circles and other problematic areas it didn’t even look like I had concealer on.

After trying the Maybelline Fit Me Foundation I chose to give the concealer a try, and that was also only by the chance of a good sale on at my local makeup store.

I really didn’t expect Maybelline’s Fit Me concealer to be anything special nor did I expect it to actually do a decent job at concealing. This is of course before I got the shock of it working quite spectacularly.

Maybelline’s Fit me concealer is so far the only concealer that actually conceals my dark circles pretty well without looking all cakey or glittery. It goes on smooth, is easily blended in with the ring finger, has a nice dewy luminous finish and can be layered till you get the finish you want. In my experience the Fit Me Concealer has not creased whilst I’ve been wearing it, in fact it has held up incredibly well in normal and hot weather conditions and this is also without a primer around the eye area. You also only need a small amount of product unlike some concealers. However I would not recommend using the concealer wand directly onto your skin for two reasons: One: It applies LOTS of product a lot more then anyone would need to cover their dark circles/pimples, etc. Two: Doing this can contaminate the product with bacteria which can lead to breakouts.

(A great tip I regularly do is mix Colour Sensational Lipstick in Coral Fever with the Maybelline Fit Me Concealer as this helps to more so correct the darkness while also making it more creamier and easier to apply and having a soft shimmer which discreetly reflects light.)

As for pimples,scarring, broken capillaries etc this concealer also works well. Although it can be a little to dewy/creamy for pimples and sometimes will not give enough coverage for bad scars which leave a little ‘crate’ in your skin it still does a mighty fine job. If you only get the small occasional pimple, Have scars that are of pretty even texture/are fading or have a few faint broken capillaries here and there this is the concealer you want. It’s a great concealer for those who want to conceal imperfections that aren’t too major and want a nice fresh finish.

Overall Maybelline’s Fit Me Concealer is one of my all time favorites and it’s the concealer I use EVERY TIME that I’m doing my makeup and want to conceal something. It’s got the big tick of approval from me and it’s a concealer I will continue to purchase, especially considering it’s bet a few high end ones I’ve tried.

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