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When applying illuminator to your cheekbones try blending it upwards towards your eyes rather than downwards, this will help to give eyes a “lift”

unrealisticperfection said: What are the best drugstore eyeshadows? :) Im from Australia

Eyeshadow is one of my favourite makeup products, I love experimenting with different shades, textures, finishes and formulas so I’ve tried my fair share of eyeshadow singles, duos, quads and palettes by now and even though I love my high end palettes there are a few drugstore ones that are my favourites…

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Is it okay to wash your face with hand soap?

Is it really okay to wash your face with soap? We’re told we need to wash our faces every day, morning and night from a young age, but is it better to skip cleansing your skin at all than to wash with soap? Whether it’s liquid or bar soap are they safe to use or do they really do more harm than good?

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Loreal SuperLiner Silkissime Eyeliner Swatches

Loreal SuperLiner Silkissime Eyeliner Brown Temptation, Seductive Black

L’Oréal SuperLiner Silkissime Eyeliner Brown Temptation and Seductive Black

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Illuminator 101

Back to the basics: Illuminator

A illuminator (highlighter, luminizer or illuminizer) is a light toned, very shimmery product with light reflecting particles.

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Apply a bright cream blush to the cheeks and apply your foundation afterwards, you’ll be left with a healthy natural flush that isn’t over the top.

Eyeshadow for Brown, Hazel, Blue, Green and Grey Eyes

Brown eyes? Blue eyes? Green eyes? Hazel eyes? Grey eyes? Either way I’m a believer in the theory of: Love something? Wear it! There are no rules when it comes to makeup. However if you’re wanting to really enhance a certain feature certain colours and techniques can help. Generally the most flattering shades for your eye colour are ones on the opposite side of the colour spectrum.

Eyeshadow for Brown Eyes, Hazel Eyes, Blue Eyes, Green Eyes and Grey Eyes

It’s important to note that these shades don’t just have to be worn as eyeshadow! Experiment by wearing them as eyeliner or mascara. If you’re scared of bold shades try using them in sheer formulas like creams or liquids and blend them in with your fingertips. 

If you still struggle with finding your perfect eyeshadow shade to compliment your eyes try a kit specifically designed to your eye colour and examine the shades in them, otherwise purchase one! Many drugstore brands do them and the quality is often quite good.

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